From Circé with love
This new Unclearpicture project is inspired by Sylvain Entressangle’s photo shoot and the Kathy model from his studio in Belleville.

Thus came the idea of evoking for this new concept a mermaid in disappointed love despairing of finding one day the loved one. From the familiar role of mermaids who attracted humans by their charms and songs and then destroyed them, Unclearpicture imagined them as a woman throwing messages in a vacuum. The ten photos and the text on the back show the passage from hope to despair, from the mermaid to the disappointed lover.

The sensation of the flow and reflux of the waves and in counterpoint a melody, stuffs the song like a strange mermaid song.

Through the use of the myth of the mermaid and its connection with the format of the postcards, Unclearpicture pursues the relationship between the object and its form and the art.

As usual, Unclearpicture pursues its constant desire to discover from the photos new trails of extension of meaning for words and music.

Photography by Sylvain Entressangle
Text et music by Michael R. Koswil
The series include 10 photos and texts with music

For any information on the different series or on Unclearpicture, contact contact@unclearpicture.com

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To my double

I guess you far off
When the somber gets out of breath
And my tongue in your mouth
A world is to come

For all eternity

Your désire
In my heart

I cross nights
Dazzled by the dream
And the infinite hope
Of your next coming

For the life

Your drunkenness
To my prince

I use all my charms
To seduce the fate
So that evaporates
Sneaky distance


Your goddess